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Urban Dictionary: soccer

Get a soccer mug for your Uncle Jerry. ... An old British nickname for Football,NOT an American one.It comes from the phrase Association ...

Urban Dictionary: crash

"those guys crashed the party at my girlfriend's house, but they brought booze and dope so we let them stay.

Urban Dictionary: That Guy

You have now become "That Guy" ... Get the That Guy neck gaiter and mug.

Urban Dictionary: sport

guy one: hey man no offense but i think your sport is kinda boring.

Urban Dictionary: Stoned

Guy 1 : Dude, have you ever wondered about how the universe will end one day?

Urban Dictionary: Jinx

Soccer match in progress* Random guy in audience: "Ya boi ez win!" Some other random guy: "You Jinxed us were doomed!". by September 14, 2020.

Urban Dictionary: Vibe

“Don’t worry guys, I have three vibes coming through shortly”

Urban Dictionary: 2guys1horse

A 50 second internet shock video where a guy gets fucked in his ass by a horse with a 2 foot cock.

Urban Dictionary: White Knight

Guy: You’re such a whore! Girl: No I’m not! White Knight: EXCUSE ME SIR DID YOU JUST CALL THIS WOMAN A WHORE?

Urban Dictionary: Situationship

Me: Me and this guy have been talking for six months now.