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Worst Soccer Hooligans

A look at some of Europe's most feared soccer hooligans.

Worst Football Hooligans In The World - PikRoll

Check out these 20 Worst football hooligans in the world, later spread whole Europeans Countries.

hooligan firms - Wikipedia

Hooligans of FC Berlin with masked faces in match between FC Carl Zeiss Jena and FC Berlin in 1990.

hooligans ahead of World Cup

Andrei and his fellow Russian football hooligans flew to France for the Euro 2016 tournament with only one goal in mind: to give England's supporters a good kicking before the World Cup.

hooligans firm - Green Speed CompanyGreen Speed Company

“The Millwall Bushwackers” its the “hooligan firm” of the

Hooligans The - tbmc.edu.vn

The Bloodthirsty New Generation Of Hooligans Dragging.

Soccer violence 'worst for years' | Daily Mail Online

Police said violence between groups of rival football hooligans was the worst they had seen for years.

Soccer Violence - The Atlantic

Brazilian soccer fans dealt with the loss by setting a bus on fire, as Rio dispatched riot police to keep disappointed fans from getting out of control.